Our Villages

Ourganda operates two mobile medical clinics that serve six villages. Our team selected villages where the need is greatest, places where few have ever received health education or seen a medical professional. Since the people are unable to visit a clinic or a hospital, Ourganda goes to them. Each village receives a visit once a week.


We adopted our first three villages when Ourganda started in January 2018. The village names are Kitsolima II, Sarahihombya, and Kinyante IV.


in July 2019, we added three more villages: Karangoti, Bulyambaya, and Bubandi II.


We are gathering information about the villages, but here is what we know for now: Karongoti is comprised of 450 people in 75 families.

Bulyambaya has 550 people in 95 families.

Bubandi II has 500 people in 80 families.

Vincent, one of our medical clinical officers, was born and raised in Sarakihombya. When Ourganda launched in January 2018, Vincent begged us to adopt his village as one of our first projects. We weren’t so sure that was a good idea since there was no...

  Kintante IV is a distressed, zero-income village in the Bundibugyo District and is the smallest of the villages we serve. About 750 people live in this village.   The people face two major challenges to their health. First, it is hard to find anyone who isn’t battling...

Kitsolima II is located on a beautiful but steep hillside in the Bundibugyo District of Uganda near the Congo border.  Approximately 2,800 villagers are scattered across a very large area of the western Rwenzori Mountains.     When our master care team started visiting the village with the...