Kitsolima II

Kitsolima II

Kitsolima II is located on a beautiful but steep hillside in the Bundibugyo District of Uganda near the Congo border.  Approximately 2,800 villagers are scattered across a very large area of the western Rwenzori Mountains.



When our master care team started visiting the village with the mobile clinic, they encountered an overwhelming number of people who needed treatment for malaria, severe malnutrition, HIV/AIDS, diabetes, worm infections, and diarrhea. We unfortunately found a number of cases of goiter that can be prevented with iodine in their diet but can only be treated with surgery. The closest doctor is at a private clinic not far from the village, but nearly everyone is a peasant and no one has income. When they learned that Ourganda wants to help them live healthfully, they were thankful and relieved.




In June, 2018, we installed two 10,000 liter rainwater collection systems. This is an enormous blessing – when it rains – to those who live within a reasonable distance, but it doesn’t help everyone. Try carrying a 45 pound jerry can in high temperatures up long, steep pathways. Now consider the high humidity and malnourishment and it is not a good situation. We have also provided many Sawyer water filters so that more and more people can drink pure water.




With the encouragement of our master care team and the Person of Health, the wellness club grows every week. Classes are held weekly on topics like hygiene, prenatal care, nutrition, safety, HIV prevention, and overall health.  The kids wellness clubs took off from day one. It is our hope and  prayer that these little ones can grow up healthy and can look forward to long, happy lives.




So far, Ourganda has taken three Kitsolima II residents to Kampala for life-saving surgery. Agnes and Zebrina were in deep trouble but are now 100% healthy. Our team hired a teacher to help them learn to read, and both ladies are now part-time paid assistants to our care team. Victor was plagued with an awful growth on his face, but is now completely healed and is back in school.



In spite of the fact that the deck is stacked against them, the people of Kitsolima II are some of the happiest, most grateful and loving people anywhere.


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