Kitsolima II

Kitsolima II

Kitsolima II is a village on a hillside in the Harugale Subcounty of Bundibugyo, Uganda near the Republic of Congo border.  Approximately 350 families/2800 villagers consider this beautiful area of Uganda their home. Many of these families are large since the average is 8 members per family.



When our master care team started serving, they encountered an overwhelming number of people who needed treatment for malaria, severe malnutrition, HIV/AIDS, diabetes, worm infections, diarrhea and other conditions. Some diseases were advanced and in need of immediate attention. Over the time our team has been serving there, many people are reporting that their health has improved. While we are delighted at that, we want the improvements to be sustainable and with more people. Habits are changing, hygiene is improving, and everyone must have access to clean water.




In June, 2018, we had two 10,000 liter tanks installed along with rain collection systems for each one. This is very helpful but not the overall solution. We have provided many Sawyer water filter systems to be able to offer clean water. There are many families that live in the area of the tanks but there are also many that live way up the hill. The trek, mostly women and children, to the water supply is an arduous task and for some, it takes multiple trips throughout the day. Try carrying a 45-50 pound container in 100+ temperatures up long, steep pathways. Now add in high humidity and some are malnourished and it is not a good situation.




The closest doctor is at a private clinic not far from the village but nearly everyone is a peasant and no one has income. When they learned that Ourganda wants to help them live healthfully, they were more than happy to work with us once they learned we could be trusted.




Sanitation concerns are countless with only about 40% of families having a pit latrine and many are in poor condition.

With the guidance of our Master Care Team and the Person of Health and the Person of Peace in the village, their Wellness Club continues to grow and villagers. Every visit the village people congregate to hear the teaching from our Master Care Team. Classes are held weekly on topics like hygiene, prenatal care, nutrition, safety and overall health.  This was the first village to launch a Blue Zone kids’ club and it took off from day one. It is our hope and  prayer that these little ones can grow up healthy and extend their lives.

In spite of the fact that the deck is stacked against them, the people of Kitsolima II are some of the happiest, most grateful and loving people anywhere on the planet.

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