Land on Our Feet | Ourganda Community Center


Ourganda is saving a lot of lives. God is blessing at a pacethat is both exciting and challenging. The time has come to build a community center, a fully-developed campus that will be a center of hope and light to the Bundibugyo community in far-western Uganda.


This will be the place where our medical professionals gather to organize, pray, and plan as well as a secure location to store vehicles, medications, and equipment. The team will welcome the community for health classes, movie nights, and soccer games. They will set up a dispensary where neighbors can secure medications for malaria, hypertension, or scabies and children can be tested for sickle cell anemia. We may develop a small factory where young people make hygiene kits, birthing kits, and kids health kits.


Step One is to secure the land. (Done!) Step Two is the brainstorming and layout of the property. (Working on it.) Step Three is construction of the buildings and development of the campus. When it is finished, we anticipate a Grand Opening celebration that will include leaders from our village wellness clubs, people whose lives were saved because Ourganda paid for their surgeries, women who no longer carry water on their heads, and dignitaries from local offices as well as from Kampala.


Where Is Ourganda Today?
Our land consists of 3.17 acres in Nyahuka, nine miles west of Bundibugyo Town, just off the tarmac road. We closed on 2.87 acres on August 11, 2020, and an additional 0.3 acres on October 7, 2020


We assembled a Creative Campus Task Force and Building Committee that brainstormed with our board and Ugandan care team about the campus. An architect from Vancouver, Washington, created the floor plan and another architect from Seattle drew the outside elevation. A site planner from Indiana sketched a preliminary layout that shows where the main building will be positioned on the property in relationship to the sports field, wellness walk, vehicle service area, and amphitheater. All of these professionals have generously donated their time and services to Ourganda.


What Happens Next?
Our building committee is talking with several construction companies in Uganda about perc tests, permits, building materials, processes, and costs. We are forming an interior design committee to create a warm, inviting and functional interior. Several of the contractors on our building committee will visit Uganda as soon as the country opensup (hopefully in November, 2020). We are already raising money for construction. An initial guesstimate for a completed campus is an additional $200,000.


How Can You Help?
We will soon be ready to tackle the buildings and the rest of the campus. We hope you will dream with us about the immeasurable blessing this facility will bring to children, moms and dads in villages all across the district. So many lives will be saved. Together, we can do this.


Thank you for helping us bring hope to Bundibugyo!