Quick and Exciting Facts

      1. Groundbreaking is November 1, 2022. Our Ugandan contractor, Brick by Brick, will pour the foundation and make 50,000 bricks starting that day.
      2. Brick by Brick estimates a completion date of August 1, 2023.
      3. The contractor is hiring at least ten men and women from Ourganda’s brick making cluster as full-time employees for the duration of the project. These workers will not only learn how to make stabilized, interlocking bricks but they will learn how to read blueprints along with construction techniques. When the project is finished, these ten workers will be fully equipped to build homes and other buildings in the Bundibugyo district.
      4. Ourganda will pay 50% of the total construction cost before ground breaking, 25% when the roof is finished (about April 1), 20% when the center is ready for move in, and the final 5% in November 2023.
      5. Extra-special thanks to our U.S. architect, Brent Lambeth, our building committee chairman, Ron Hannegan, each of our building committee members, and every donor. Ultimate thanks to God for His abundant provision and guidance.
      6. Our team in Uganda is already planning an enthusiastic, memorable Grand Opening ceremony in 2023 followed by an ongoing series of classes, sports events, and leadership workshops to bless the Bundibugyo community.
      7. We have money and pledges for the first 75%, but we need your help to finish the project. If you would like to donate to something specific (e.g. furniture, appliances, landscaping) let us know. Thank you for making a donation or a pledge today!


You can also download or open the PDF versions of the Brochure and Pledge Card for printing.