Our Ugandan Care Team

Doreen Kabugho


Doreen earned a diploma in clinical medicine and community health and is the leader of our master medical team. She serves her local church as young adult teacher and HIV prevention leader, and she sings in the choir. She loves playing netball, learning new computer skills, and helping people take charge of their own health. Her effervescent personality makes her a natural people magnet and brings a smile to the faces of people everywhere. Doreen is happily married to Benard Masereka, our part-time accountant.

Vincent Tibesigwa


Vincent is a medical clinical officer and serves as Ourganda’s Ministry Coordinator. He and his wife, Esther, have four children: Sahrone; Mackline, Vincent, and Atwine. In addition to his vocational achievement as a clinical officer, he enjoys running, reading, and public speaking. He is a native of the Bundibugyo District and grew up as the last of seven children in one of the villages where Ourganda now serves.

Joseph Kule


Joseph is the senior driver on our medical team. As one of ten children who lived with his family in the Bundibugyo area, Joseph was raised without most of the necessities of life. He didn’t even know anyone who owned a car. That didn’t prevent him from setting a goal to become a professional driver which he did by earning his driving certificate in 2014. He enjoys playing soccer, playing the piano, and singing gospel music.

Joseph Bwambale


Joseph received his driving certificate in December 2017 and is a driver for Ourganda’s second mobile clinic. He became an orphan at the age of 6 and was taken to the Mission Catalyst orphanage in Ntandi, Uganda, when he was 9. He was baptized as a follower of Jesus in 2012. Joseph loves riding and travel, watching movies, listening to gospel music, and eating his favorite food: rice with fish. Joseph and his wife, Rose, have a son named Jason.

Bernard Masereka Accountant


Masereka Bernard grew up in Bundibugyo, Uganda, and is the eighth member of a family of ten. He received a certificate in accounting in 2010 and went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in science and technology in 2013. His favorite pastimes are playing basketball, reading about technology, and watching news about current affairs. Bernard is a strong Christian who loves Jesus and is delighted to work in His name. He serves his local church as church treasurer, and he serves with the Ourganda care team as a part-time accountant. He is happily married to Doreen Kabugho, our master team leader.


Malikewa is Ourganda’s second employee who grew up in the Mission Catalyst orphanage in Ntandi, Uganda and our first registered nurse. After graduating from high school, he attended Ishaka Adventist School of Nursing and Midwifery in southern Uganda and graduated in December 2018.

During our 2018 medical trip, Malikewa volunteered to serve as part of the medical team. He saw first hand the many people whose health is improving and the many lives that are saved. He experienced the joy of giving back to those who need it so much. He made it clear that he would love to join the Ourganda ministry upon his course completion. Now that he is done, we enthusiastically welcome Malikewa to the team.


Oscar is the third medical clinical officer on our medical care team. He is single and 25 years old. He speaks five languages, enjoys volleyball, swimming, singing, and playing the piano. He earned a diploma in Clinical Medicine and Community Health from Kabale Institute of Health Sciences in 2017. In addition to his medical experience, he is trained in computers, counseling, leadership, and driving. Those who know him best say that he is fun, energetic, compassionate, and a valuable team member.


Joseline received her certificate in midwifery from Kagando School of Nursing and Midwifery in 2017. She volunteered for a year and a half at a local clinic after which time Ourganda hired her to serve as our second midwife. Joseline comes from a family of eight children, is married to Godwin, and has a daughter named Amor. She loves music, making friends, and serving others.


Frank is Ourganda’s Associate Ministry Coordinator and serves on our second medical team as a nurse. He graduated from Kagando School of Nursing in 2018. He was raised in a pastor’s home and is the oldest boy in a family of four children. Frankline has been awarded certificates of accomplishment in a variety of areas including leadership and entrepreneurship. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, watching sports and movies, and traveling to new places. 


Annah grew up as the only daughter in a family six children. She graduated from Bugema Adventist Secondary School and went on to earn a degree in clinical medicine and community health from Kampala International University. She works on the Ourganda medical team as medical clinical officer. In her spare time, she composes gospel music, enjoys reading the Bible and inspirational books, and plays football (soccer).


Godfrey is Ourganda’s first employee whose full-time assignment is creating and leading a micro-business movement. He finished high school in 2012 and graduated from Kyambogo University with a Bachelor of Microfinance degree in 2016. He and his wife, Brenda, are the extremely proud parents of twins, a girl named Sartine and a boy named Seth, born in January 2021. In his free time, Godfrey enjoys reading the Bible, inspirational and finance books, and watching football (soccer).


Esther has been a cheerleader and volunteer supporter of Ourganda since day one because her husband, Vincent, was one of our first employees and is now our ministry coordinator. In August 2022, Esther stepped down from her vocation as an RN and became Ourganda’s full-time leader of domestic violence prevention. She grew up in the Bundibugyo District, she and Vincent are parents to four children, and she is enthusiastically committed to building and leading a movement that transforms communities into places were people feel healthy, happy, safe and hopeful.

Juliet is Ourganda’s newest midwife. She grew up as the only girl in a family with six children. Her brother, Joseph, is Ourganda’s senior driver. In 2020, Juliet graduated from the Mengo School of Nursing and Midwifery, the oldest nursing school in Uganda. She recently married Muganzi Hanlord Bwambale, a church elder and a medical clinical officer at Kikyo Health Center IV in Bundibugyo. Juliet loves reading, studying the Bible, walking in nature and making new friends.
Benard was born in a family of seven boys (and no girls!) in Sarakihombya, one of the first villages Ourganda adopted. He has an extraordinary love for people, he is a committed follower of Jesus, and he enjoys reading the Bible and other books. Throughout his adult life, he has been angry and appalled at the rampant violence against women and children. When Ourganda organized our first ‘Mankind Club’ to confront offenders, Benard was a charter member. He actively participated in the very first arrest of an offender in June 2022. We are delighted that Benard has accepted our invitation to serve as Ourganda’s associate leader of domestic violence prevention.
Afisa is Ourganda’s administrative assistant. She oversees the day-to-day operations of the office and empowers our ministry coordinator and his associate to work at peak efficiency. Our team calls her “The Boss.” Afisa enjoys playing net ball and reading inspirational and medical books. She is the firstborn in her family of six children, two girls and four boys. She is passionate about gender equality and she enthusiastically embraces her work as an essential part of the Ourganda family.