The Water Crisis Is Real.

Women and girls in western Uganda spend up to 6 hours each day carrying heavy jerry cans filled with polluted water which leads to dysentery, diarrhea, typhoid, and malaria. The gift of clean water gives them more than water itself; it gives them better health and gives them time to learn a skill, start a business, or get an education.


Ourganda has adopted six villages in the Bundibugyo District of western Uganda. We have already funded water projects for approximately 8,000 people in the villages of Kitsolima II and Sarakihombya, our two largest villages. We are now proposing water development projects to improve health outcomes in four additional villages: Kinyante IV, Karongoti, Bulyambaya, and Bubandi II. We have received full proposals for the projects below from and


Kinyante IV | Ourganda will purchase land, erect a multi-use steel-pole shelter, and Ugandan Water Project will install a rainwater collection system on the structure. Every time it rains, two ground-mounted 10,000-liter tanks will be topped off to provide the 800 people in the village with an abundance of water.

– Total Cost: $18,200


Karongoti (450 people) and Bulyambaya (600 people) | Ourganda proposes to partner with TGS Water Ltd. in Kampala, Uganda, to install gravity flow water systems in the Karongoti and Bulyambaya villages. The new system installations include a water intake structure and pumping station, treated water transmission, a storage reservoir, and a distribution network for the village with public tap stands.

– Total Cost: $27,386 (Karongoti); $25,521 (Bulyambaya)


Bubandi II | For the 500 people in this village, Ourganda will partner with TGS Water Ltd. to rehabilitate and extend the existing gravity flow system. This will involve construction of new valve chambers, public taps at the schools and the village center, replacement of some extension mains, and rehabilitation of an existing storage tank.

– Total Cost: $5,805


How can you help? | When fully funded, these four projects will provide safe water to the 2,350 people that live in our villages. Factoring in the thousands of people in adjacent villages who will also obtain water from these sources, the grand total cost of $76,912 means that 4,525 people will have access to safe water at a cost of only $17 per person ($76,912 ÷ 4,525 people = $17). The people of these four villages deeply appreciate your donation.




Give online at, or send a check made payable to Ourganda; PO Box 873520; Vancouver, WA 98687.