Medical Trip


If you have traveled to an under-resourced part of the world as part of a mission team, you know the powerful impact the experience had on you. More importantly, of course, is the difference you made in the lives of the people there. You may have helped with construction, prevention, treatment, or education, but if you served with love and compassion, your team made an immeasurable impact.


In July 2018, an Ourganda team traveled to western Uganda to serve with our master care team in the villages. The team was led by Dr. David Asmussen and Dr. Kristiana Geide (medical activities) and Ron Gladden (logistics). A group of two premed and eight medical students from Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences (PNWU) in Yakima, Washington, traveled to zero-income areas and participated in health education, treatments, and spiritual encouragement.


The trip was a phenomenal success. Click HERE for a short written report and HERE for a video that captures some of the good things that happened.


Our second medical trip took place in June 2019. The team was led by Dr. Paul Emmans, Dr. Mike Garnett, and Dr. Kristiana Geide and included a nurse, a physical therapist, and eight medical students from PNWU in Yakima. These medical professionals worked hand-in-glove with our Ugandan medical team offering health classes, triage, and treatment. The trip was very successful and was a life-changing experience for everyone. Click HERE for our latest mission trip video


After a two-year break to let covid run its course, an enthusiastic medical team from the U.S. converged on Bundibugyo in July 2022. The team was led by Dr. Mike Garnett and Physical Therapist Dana McPhee and included eight second-year medical students from PNWU in Yakima, Washington. Working alongside our Ugandan medical team, they served the people in six villages with health classes, triage and treatment. “I was not part of Ourganda’s previous mission trips,” one of the students explained, “but they could not possibly have had a more fulfilling and enjoyable experience than we had!” Click HERE for an unforgettable story called, “Why Do Some Children Swallow Coins?”


When is the next medical trip? We will arrive into the Entebbe airport on November 7 and leave the evening of November 21, 2024.


What does it cost? The cost of the trip is $800-$1,100 (not including flights, personal souvenirs, and gifts you might want to present to people in Uganda). This includes your hotels, most meals, group expenses like rental vans and fuel, and entrance fees to Queen Elizabeth and Semuliki National Parks. Flight prices range from $1,500 – 2,100, depending on routing, how early the flights are booked, and other fluctuations. The trip expenses total $2,300 – 3,200. Click HERE for a tentative budget.


Are children welcome? Yes. However, parents who wish to take their children should be aware of the following: The parent is fully responsible for the child’s expenses and well-being. We recommend that you do not bring children under 16 on your first trip to Uganda.


What else should I know? Before making the huge commitment of time and finances, we recommend that you talk with someone who has been to Uganda who can help you decide whether you can be sufficiently adaptable.


You also will meet wonderful people in sometimes-desperate situations who hope that someone cares about them and loves them. You will leave part of your heart in a country ten time zones away and return home knowing that you made a tangible difference in the lives of some very precious people.


Can I reserve a spot on the next trip? You can reserve your place by submitting a non-refundable deposit of $300. If you travel with the group, your deposit is credited toward your share of group expenses. If you need to cancel for any reason, your deposit goes directly to helping the medical work in the villages.


Need more information? Contact Ron Gladden by email at or by calling 360-624-7271. Please include:
– Your contact info: full name, email address, and phone number.
– Your reason for requesting to join a trip.




Make your deposit by clicking here online or by mailing a check payable to
Ourganda, PO Box 874205, Vancouver, WA 98687.