Fact Sheet

A nondenominational, faith-based organization serving the medical and spiritual needs of people who reside in the Bundibugyo District of western Uganda. We serve everyone regardless of tribe or religion.



In the United States: Ourganda Ministries; incorporated in 2017 as a 501(c)(3) not-for- profit corporation (FEIN: 82-1917107)

In Uganda: Our-ganda Health Outreach; recognized as an NGO by the Ugandan government in 2018


Mission Statement: To extend and save lives in the Bundibugyo District of western Uganda.


Mailing Address: Ourganda; PO Box 873520; Vancouver, WA 98687

Office: 1400 NE 136th Ave; Vancouver, WA 98684


Website: ourganda.org

Facebook: facebook.com/ourgandanonprofit


Board of Directors: Eight volunteer members including a former hospital administrator, registered nurse, clinical psychologist and professor, pastor, former police officer, and others with many years of business experience.


Contact: Ron Gladden, Founder and Chair, Board of Directors; 360-624-7271; rongladden@gmail.com


Uganda Medical Care Team: Paid staff who operate a mobile medical clinic. The team consists of two medical clinical officers, a midwife, a senior driver, an assistant, and an accountant.


Ourganda Model: Our U.S. board raises funds and removes barriers. Our Ugandan medical care team educates, treats, and organizes wellness clubs. The wellness clubs urge everyone in the village to participate, then shares what they are learning with people in a neighboring village.


Context: Across Uganda, a child is born every 13 seconds. According to the 2006 Uganda Demographic Health Survey, 16 women die in childbirth every day, and 76 newborns in every 1,000 do not reach the age of one. The Bundibugyo District consists of 280,000 people in 600 villages many of which are disconnected from virtually all amenities. While life expectancy averages 58 years countrywide, that number is decisively lower in the remote villages.

Description: The Ourganda care team serves the people in distressed villages by providing water, medical services, health education, nutrition, and spiritual encouragement. We focus our efforts on three villages with a combined population of 6,000 (with plans to expand to  six villages soon). Our team organizes wellness clubs consisting of people who attend core classes, receive the building blocks necessary for good health, and begin taking responsibility for their own health. Apart from the service of our care team, those villages have no access to clean water, medical education and care, and no supplies for hygiene or birthing.


Accomplishments: Since our launch in January 2018, Ourganda has been able to:

•    Hire a professional medical staff and support team to operate our own mobile medical clinic.

•    Establish wellness clubs in each village with over 400 fully-engaged members.

•    Create happiness & wellness clubs for children in each of our villages.

•    Conduct an 8-day medical camp led by two physicians and ten medical students from the U.S. and U.K. along with our local medical care team.

•    Witness the dramatic improvement of scores of people who are beginning to live more healthfully.

•    Arrange for life-saving surgeries for several villagers.

•    Provide two rainwater collection systems in one of our villages and raise funds to provide water in the next village.

•    Provide multiple water purification units for each village.

•    Give hundreds of hygiene kits to young women and dozens of birthing kits to pregnant moms.

•    Add a full-time midwife to our care team, enabling us to serve over 100 mothers-to-be on a weekly basis in the villages.

•    Implement a comprehensive, cloud-based data-collection system to track each patient’s treatments and health.

•    Distribute 100 solar-powered audio Bibles in the Runyoro-Rutoro dialect (in partnership with InTouch Ministries).

•    Provide shoes for 350 children and adults (in partnership with Sole Hope).

•    Begin a distribution program of daily vitamins for 1,700 children for one year and multi- vitamin supplements for 375 pregnant moms for one year (in partnership with Vitamin Angels).


Next Step Goals:
•    Launch a second team to serve three more villages

•    Purchase property for office, storage, and mini-clinic

•    Pilot agriculture projects in each village


Long-term Goals:
•    Double life expectancy in the villages we serve

•    Assure that people in all 600 villages in the Bundibugyo District have access to health education and treatment

•    Bring about equality of treatment for women in the villages we serve