Ourganda employs a master care team comprised of two medical clinical officers, a midwife, a senior driver, an apprentice driver, and a part-time accountant. These team members, who are Ugandan nationals, travel to the most remote villages along the Congo border.

Our master care team responds to medical emergencies such as burns, injuries, high fever, and problems with childbirth. They also provide medical and health education with the objective of minimizing illness and extending lives.
We establish Volunteer Wellness Clubs in each village. Each wellness club is led by a local three-person team

  • A Person of Health
  • A Person of Peace
  • A Person of Extension

who work together as that village’s extension of the master care team.

Our team distributes toothbrushes, soccer balls, and Bibles everywhere they go. We are especially excited about giving solar-powered audio Bibles for people who haven’t learned to read.

How the Volunteer Wellness Clubs Benefit Each Village:

The “Person of Health”, “Person of Peace,” and “Person of Extension” work together as that village’s extension of the master care team. The master team provides each local team with a cell phone.

• The “Person of Health” leads the health initiatives in the village. He or she encourages people to join the wellness club, reinforces the benefits of healthful living, and calls our master team with questions or when an emergency arises. The master team then decides whether to travel to the village and provide treatment themselves, or to arrange for transportation to the nearest clinic or hospital.

• The “Person of Peace” leads the spiritual initiatives in the village. At least once a week, he or she gathers people together, reads a story from the Bible, and leads a discussion about how to apply the principles to themselves, their families, and their community. The “Person of Peace” watches for opportunities to pray for people and to encourage them in the ways of God. He or she does not carry a denominational label.

• The “Person of Extension” works with other team members to expand the Wellness Club, monitors what actions people are taking to enhance his or her health, learns all the best practices and benefits of each to work with other villagers. When Ourganda moves to the next village, the Person of Extension helps train the new village’s Person of Extension to help that village.


Fully Engaged Wellness Club Members


Eight-day medical camp led by 2 physicians and 10 medical students


Liters storage in 2 rainwater collection systems in Kitsolima II that benefits 2000 people

Earlier this year, one of our closest friends informed us that his uncle’s wife, Amina, died during childbirth. “She had to give her last breath.” he reported, “but the baby is OK.” In western Uganda, people’s lives are frequently lost without intervention that costs so little. It is incomprehensible to those of us who have access to medical care.


OurGanda is in this for one reason: To save the next Amina, and many hundreds like her, in the Bundibugyo Region.

Jesus saw every person as worthy of love and care. He lived unselfishly and modeled kindness. He taught that true religion consists of treating every human being with dignity, concern, and love. His ultimate act of compassion was to lay down His life on the cross for the salvation of the world. We who have accepted His redemption feel compelled to continue His work of spreading compassion and hope to as many people as we can reach in the Bundibugyo Region of Uganda.


Ourganda is 100% non-denominational; those who serve with us do so without a denominational label. Our medical education and services are offered with no strings attached. We gladly serve everyone without regard to faith, gender, or ethnicity.