About Us

Our Mission

To save and extend lives across the Bundibugyo region of western Uganda.

How It All Started

I had to check my glasses the first time I visited Nyakasohe, a zero-income village in western Uganda near the Congo border. Was I dreaming? Had I fallen into a time machine? The only hint that the year wasn’t A.D. 121 was an occasional tin roof atop a mud-and-sticks hut.


Everyone was warm and friendly, the dirt yards were clutter-free, but it was soon evident that the people – especially the children – were extremely vulnerable. An injury, an infection, or even a fever can be deadly. Conditions that are treated routinely in most parts of the world go untreated; the result is often tragic.


We decided to change that. Our care teams and mobile clinics are bringing the healing hand of God to the people in the Bundibugyo region while offering the gospel to those who want to learn about Jesus. With the help of people like you, we are saving and extending lives.