Sarakihombya is a forgotten village in the Bubukwanga Subcounty of Bundibugyo, Uganda. Approximately 400 families/2800 villagers do their best to survive here.



When the Ourganda Master Care Team first arrived in the village, they found an overwhelming number of people who struggle with malaria, diarrhea, jiggers, hypertension, and malnutrition. The nearest medical treatment is a long distance walk to a government health center that frequently runs out of medications and other supplies.



About 40% of the villagers have pit latrines that are in poor and unsanitary condition. But that’s not the worst situation they face. Their only source of water is a small, filthy pond where animals from the refuge come to drink, bathe, and defecate. It is truly disgusting. Until our team arrived with water filter kits, most had never taken a drink of clean water. Some of the older persons (we assume who were from a Catholic background) crossed themselves before taking a drink of filtered water – just in case! Residents have no choice but to practice poor hygiene and to endure the diseases that follow. They need more filters and a new water source. We are providing more water filters as quickly as we can, and we are committed to bringing clean water into the heart of the village.



Until April 2018, there was no road into the village for the last 1 ½ miles. The local government saw the work we were doing and the need for the road. Thanks to them Ourganda can not only deliver supplies, but we can get a truck into Sarakihombya to build a new water source when funds are available. This is major breakthrough for the village. It’s a change that will transform their lives. Our target is October 2018 for the install. Pray for this to happen.



Many villagers are joining and benefiting from the Wellness Club, and more are joining every week. They see their friends’ health improve and they want to be a part. We could not be happier that many lives are being saved and the quality of life for many is improving. Our master care team is going a wonderful work; we could not be more proud of them!



This outreach was built by people like you. You can help fund a village, a project, or the overall ministry. Just go to our Give Life link and make a one-time gift or, better yet, a reoccurring donation. Any amount helps. We welcome you to be part of this ministry and help us change lives with life-saving medical care wrapped in kindness.


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