Kinyante IV

Kinyante IV

Kinyante IV is a distressed, zero-income village in Busaru Subcounty of Bundibugyo, Uganda and is the smallest of the first three villages we serve. About 128 Families/727 villagers live in this picturesque village.

The people face two major challenges to their health. First, it’s hard to find anyone who isn’t battling malnutrition, malaria, worm infestations, typhoid or diarrhea. Proper hygiene is all but impossible due to a lack of clean water.

Second, our master care team initially discovered a lot of cutting which indicates that a witch doctor practices in the village and, of course, exacerbates most of their illnesses. For the most part, our services have overcome this once we gained their trust.

Our team of professionals visits Kinyante IV every week and brings health education and life-saving medical care wrapped in kindness. Every time the team arrives in the Ourganda van, the village comes to life with energy and joy. A large number of residents report that their health is improving remarkably as they implement new habits that they learned from the classes.



The closest hospital is about 7 miles away. Their only transportation is their own feet, and when someone is sick, they are not going to walk for seven miles. The consequence is all-too-often fatal. Ourganda’s medical team fills this gap in service.



Sanitation is a huge concern. Fewer than 50% of the villagers have pit latrines and these are not well built, maintained or clean (as clean as you get a latrine). One hundred percent of the people have no access to clean water. According to World Health Organization, it takes a minimal of 2 gallons water per person/per day for survival. This is only for basics of drinking, minimal hygiene and cooking. Not washing, laundry, agriculture or other basic needs, just a bare minimum. Since the average family consists of 5.7 people, you can picture the women and children carrying water from a three miles away several times each day. The trek is up and down a very steep hill while carrying 40-45 pounds of water. This has to be done whether they are well or sick. Someone has to do it, and it’s usually the women. During the Medical Camp 2018 in July, our team decided to start a new tradition to give the women a break. While the medical team is holding the clinic, our driver works with the villagers to collect 5 gallon jerry cans, drive them to the water source and return with water that, after cleaning with the filters we provide, is clean to use for any purpose. This takes a couple trips because of the large volume of cans. Usually 80-100 cans.



Kinyante Wellness Club is doing well and growing. Members have learned many ways to improve their health and well-being. More important, they are practicing what they learned. Ourganda has been raising money for a new water source that will bring beautiful, pure water right into the heart of the village.  When it is complete, the health of the Kinyante IV villagers will inevitably move upward.

This outreach was built by people like you. You can help fund a village, a project, or the overall ministry. Just go to our Give Life link and make a one-time gift or, better yet, a reoccurring donation. Any amount helps. We welcome you to be part of this ministry and help us change lives with life-saving medical care wrapped in kindness.

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