World Water Day

World Water Day

I always start the day with a big glass of water (maybe you kick off your day with hot coffee). Glass in hand, I stand in front of the kitchen sink, turn the faucet, and fresh, clean water pours out. After breakfast, I jump in the shower and stand under a warm blast of water that flows as long as I decide to stand there. I fill my water bottle for the car, top off the dogs’ water bowl – and never even imagine walking for two hours to find water.

Every day is water day at our house. 

I have never owned a jerry can. I don’t even know if I’m man enough to carry a five-gallon jug up steep, slippery trails for a mile or two (I’m going to try it the next time I’m in Uganda.) Watch a video of this. And what if when you got the water to your house, it was filled with bacteria and other pollutants, and you had no way of making it pure? 

March 22 is World Water Day.

Ourganda is committed to bringing an abundance of fresh, clean water to the villages we serve. We have to. Why? Because Uganda is OUR-ganda. Because we want our friends to be able to drink and cook with clean water. Because we want the women and girls to save untold hours each day (most of the water is carried by women). Because our mission is to save and extend lives, and we simply cannot do it without water.

Take a look at the only water source in one of our villages.

Then please do two things. 

  1. Watch the short video above taken last week in Kinyante IV.
  2. Give the most generous gift you can. Ourganda has committed to drilling a high-quality well in this very village. The total cost is $9,000–$12,000. If you will send a gift today, we can do it sooner rather than later.

Your gift will save lives.

Thank you for your financial contribution!
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