We purchased a 4-wheel drive van!

We purchased a 4-wheel drive van!

Here is some big news:

  1. We purchased a 4-wheel drive van!
  2. Our website Ourganda.org is live!

Photos of our van are on our new websiteSee if you can find them! We purchased the van in Japan and are having it shipped to Mombasa, Kenya, and on to Uganda. The van was loaded onto the ship last week and will arrive in Kampala in six or seven weeks.

We are proud of our new website and excited at how clearly it explains our mission. Take a tour through the website, then tell us if you are half as inspired as we are. (And if you have suggestions to make the website even better, we would love to hear them.)

Ourganda is all about one thing: Life-saving medical care wrapped in kindness.

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