This is life for many thousands of people in the Bundibugyo Region.

This is life for many thousands of people in the Bundibugyo Region.

Your name is Beatrice. You live in Bundinamandi, Uganda. (Google Maps can’t even find Bundinamandi, but I promise you it’s there.) You live in a tiny sticks-and-mud hut with seven other people. Your only furniture is several hand-made mats that cover part of the dirt floor. Your only possessions are a dented pot, a bowl and spoon, and some ragged clothes that someone from the city didn’t want and you’ve been wearing for years.

Your diet is tasteless and almost nutrition-free. The closest water is a kilometer away so you virtually never take a bath and you know better than to drink it because it’s polluted. You never went to school because the only school within walking distance is a small, Christian school that doesn’t have any books (or even enough benches for the kids to sit on), and you couldn’t afford the few shillings that were required for tuition.

You feel sick more often than not, and you have no idea why. You’re not aware that the average lifespan for people in your village is 45, but you wouldn’t know what to do about if you did. A lot of moms die in childbirth, most of your friends suffer from malaria or dysentery, and people have nowhere to turn when someone gets hurt or burned or has an infection.

Yikes! This is life for many thousands of people in the Bundibugyo Region.
Our Local Wellness Club
Our master medical team will roll into Bundinamandi in our 4-wheel drive van fully equipped with medications and other supplies. They will invite everyone to participate in a local wellness club. Membership is voluntary. When Beatrice decides to join, this is what Ourganda pledges and what we expect from her.
Ourganda will provide:
  1. Clean water.
  2. Core classes on the basic aspects of health:
    1. Pre-natal
    2. Nutrition
    3. Clean water
    4. Hygiene (include bathroom etiquette)
    5. Sex education / HIV prevention
  3. A hygiene kit for each member. Women’s kits include reusable sanitary napkins, deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush, body soap, shampoo, laundry soap, and extra underwear.
  4. A daily vitamin for each member.
  5. Priority treatment by our master medical team.
  6. A cell phone for the local Person of Health so he/she can call our master medical team with questions and when there is an emergency.
Beatrice, as a Wellness Club Member, will pledge to:
  1. Attend each of the core classes presented by the master medical team.
  2. Apply the knowledge she receives from the health lectures (brush teeth, wash hands, drink clean water, etc.)
  3. Pay the co-pay portion of the community health insurance ($6.00 per person, per year). If she cannot afford the entire amount, she will pay what she can and Ourganda will subsidize the difference.
What can you do to help? 

We have created a complete list of everything we need to get started. You can help by giving to something specific, or by making a general donation. (We’re happy to send you the list of items we need; just let us know.) Ourganda is a faith venture that needs your support. You can be assured that every dollar you send will go directly to the mission of saving and extending lives.

Ourganda is all about one thing: Life-saving medical care wrapped in kindness.

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