Ourganda Has Launched!

Ourganda Has Launched!

We took delivery of the van. We hired an outstanding team (I’ll introduce you to them soon!). We adopted three distressed villages (more about those later). And we met some beautiful, precious people.

During the 16 days Dennis Pumford and I spent in Uganda, we were smacked in the face with three major challenges. First is helping the people who desperately need our help.

Meet Jackline. Our medical clinical officer believes that she has cancer of the eye. From the moment we were approached by this precious girl in the first village we adopted, I couldn’t help but asking, What if this were my daughter? What would I be willing to do to help her? Her father, Amos, is a peasant and has no money to get her to the hospital. We have arranged for a physician to meet her this week; he will tell us how we can help her.

I could overwhelm you with stories and photos of Silver, Mary, Jophes, and others who have urgent medical needs. Somehow we hope to help them all. But our team is starting by setting up wellness clubs, providing clean water, and caring for the most urgent needs.

Think about this for a moment: Uganda is ranked 175 out of 193 countries in terms of life expectancy. We intend to change that in the villages we have adopted. We have a very tall hill to climb, but we have taken the first step. We will turn pain and suffering into smiles.

We thank you for your help!
Your friend,

Ron Gladden
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