One Million People Every Year

One Million People Every Year

Uganda is a small country, about the size of Oregon. Yet non-communicable diseases kill about one million people in Uganda every year.

Where do we start?

Bundibugyo is a forgotten region far from the capital city of Kampala, hidden on the back side of the Rwenzori Mountains next to the Congo border. Just over a month ago, our team adopted three distressed villages and started caring for the medical needs of the people (test your tongue on these almost-unpronounceable names: Kinyante IV, Sarakihombya, Kitsolima II).

We are starting in these villages.

Here is Jophes. He is 4 years old and lives in Kitsolima II with his father, Charles, and his mother, Elizabeth. His little heart is failing; he needs to be seen by a cardiologist, but his family are peasants and have no way of paying for his treatment. Last week, our medical team turned the Ourganda Land Cruiser into a transport ambulance and took little Jophes on a two-hour drive to the Fort Portal Hospital. We aren’t sure what will happen next, but we are hoping they – and we – can help him.

Doreen, our master team leader, emailed us this message: “We thank the team in USA for your unconditional support. However, there is still a challenge because the population in these villages is larger than we can serve. There are so many people who are sick and need our help.”

The team spends four days a week treating patients, giving health lectures, organizing soccer clubs for the kids, and responding to emergencies. The other day of their work week is devoted to team meetings and preparing reports for the government and our board.

  • Over 200 people attended one of their health lectures last week.
  • Doreen and Vincent treated 67 people in Sarakihombya alone for dysentery, malaria, pneumonia, diabetes, urinary tract infection, and tinea capitis (a fungal infection that affects the scalp).
  • They discovered 75 cases of malaria.
  • Scores of children are malnourished.
  • 16 young women are pregnant and in need of prenatal care.

Here is the good news: The team is working hard and they love their work. People in the villages cannot wait to join the wellness clubs. Already, some of the people report that their health is better because of the treatments from our team.

We are turning pain and suffering into smiles.

Your gift could save a life – or even many lives. Will you consider partnering with the Ourganda team with a financial contribution?

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