Guess where the students will serve next summer?

Guess where the students will serve next summer?

I wish you could have been with me last week. You couldn’t have stopped smiling for a very long time.

Every summer, a bunch of medical students from Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences in Yakima, Washington, travel to a developing country and serve in a rural clinic. Annie Asmussen, Dr. Joy Staley, and I met with 30 of the students last week.

Guess where the students will serve next summer!

First, who is Annie? Who is Dr. Joy? Annie is a second-year medical student. She is Vice President of Student Affairs and President of the Global Health Club. Dr. Joy is one of our board members and is an adjunct professor at the university.

Annie, Dr. Joy, and I huddled up with the students and talked about the vast need and our vision to save and extend lives. We explained why we have chosen to work in the Bundibugyo Region adjacent to the Congo border. We shared photos of the van we are converting into a mobile medical clinic. We showed the faces of children, women, and men who have unlimited potential but struggle simply to survive. We told stories, and Dr. Joy even brought a beautiful African dress to display to the students.

Fifteen of the students let us know that if they can work out the details, they would like to be part of our 2018 medical trip. We can take a maximum of ten students, so we are in touch with all of them answering questions and finding out the best way to assist our Ugandan medical team next summer. The trip will be led by Dr. David Asmussen (yes, he is Annie’s father). Dr. David has participated in a number of mission trips and is eager to travel to Uganda for the first time.

What can you do to help? 

Our van is on a ship between Japan and Africa. When it arrives in Kampala, we have to be ready to stock it with all of the medications and supplies that will allow our master medical team to treat the conditions that they find.

Please help us make this happen. If you want to give to something specific, get in touch and we will let you know what’s on the list. Or you can make a general donation and know that Ourganda will spend every dime to make sure more people have life.

Ourganda is all about one thing: Life-saving medical care wrapped in kindness.

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