Give a gift as important as gold, frankincense and myrrh!

Give a gift as important as gold, frankincense and myrrh!

You met Beatrice a couple of newsletters ago. She’s a mom who lives in a village in western Uganda that Google Maps can’t find. She struggles to stay alive and to give her kids a fighting chance at health and success.

Here is what she is up against (I read this a week ago): “The average newborn American child has a greater chance of living to age 65 than the average newborn child of a nonindustrial society has of living to age 5.”

If that doesn’t stir your heart, I don’t know what to say. What if you were Beatrice? What if your family lived in Bundinamandi?

Our van survived the journey from Japan and is in Kampala. Our Ugandan team sent us a list of the medications and supplies they need to turn the van into a mobile medical clinic. In only a couple of weeks, they will drive into the first three villages; set up the privacy tents and tables; treat children, moms, and dads who need their help; and invite them to start an epic journey toward health.

We have ordered water purification systems that our team will set up in the villages. We have our first fifty hygiene kits for women. Each person who chooses to join the wellness club will receive a daily vitamin. Our medical team will conduct classes in the core areas of health.

We are going to turn pain and suffering into smiles. We are going to save and extend lives. We are going to change the life expectancy of children born in the villages where we serve.

You can help!

Please check out the Christmas Gift List and sponsor one or more items on the list.

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