Announcement: Ourganda Official Kickoff!

Announcement: Ourganda Official Kickoff!

We could not have done it without you.

Because of your support and prayers, our team is about to begin medical education and treatments in the forgotten villages of the Bundibugo Region of Uganda. January 1, 2018 marks the beginning of an epic journey that will save and extend the lives of thousands of people.

Speaking of January 1, my friend, Dennis Pumford, and I will ring in the New Year on a KLM flight between Amsterdam and Entebbe, Uganda. As soon as we get a few hours of sleep, we will hook up with our Ugandan team and begin working together on the long list of things that have to happen before our newly-commissioned mobile medical clinic rolls into the first village.

We have purchased medications, vitamins, exam tables, privacy tents, and a van-load of supplies. We budgeted for 25 hygiene kits for young women, but we doubled our purchase to 50. (Our team could easily use hundreds of them right away, but we have to start somewhere.) We purchased a battery-powered video projector that our team will use for health education and to show the Jesus film to those who are interested. We bought water purification systems that our team will install in three villages where we will make sure that children, moms and dads have clean water to drink.
January 1 is the fruit of several months of intense planning and prayer. We are excited. Going forward, we expect a learning curve as steep as a cliff, but we’re eager for the challenge. We will build this plane as we fly it. We will turn pain and suffering into smiles. 
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