Water Project #1: Done

Water Project #1: Done

What Ourganda has done for this community is what we call image change.”

Those are the words of Doreen, our superstar team leader, as she left the village of Kitsolima II on Thursday. Two 10,000 liter rainwater collection systems had just been installed in a village that no one seemed to care about — until now. Doreen continued, “We are so appreciative of the work that Ourganda has done providing water and medical services. The ill and the elderly can now be healed and have good health.”

This is what happens when people like you and me come together. This is what happens when bricks, cement, gutters, pipes, and faucets come together. A village is changed. People are joyful. They know that someone cares. The women and girls are especially thankful because they are the ones who are expected to carry water from great distances.

Bringing life-saving water to a village is only the start. The human touch is even more impactful. Every week, our medical care team arrives in the villages with smiles, hugs, instruction, medications, professional and loving treatment, and even soccer balls for the kids.

If a person asks for prayer, Vincent prays for them. If someone needs a ride to a hospital, Joseph transports them. When a pregnant mom isn’t sure if she is eating right or if her baby is healthy,

Doreen is beside her with medical care wrapped in kindness. In only a few months, our team has distributed hundreds of pairs of shoes, toothbrushes, soap, hygiene kits for the young women, and wellness club T-shirts. Every month we supply another water filter for each of our villages.

These are our sisters and brothers. They are not alone. When we think Uganda, we think Our-Ganda. 

Image change has started. Let’s keep it going!

Thank you for helping us turn pain and suffering into smiles.

Your friend,
Ron Gladden

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Thank You!

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