Tweeting from Kitsolima II

Tweeting from Kitsolima II

Few (if any) of the wellness club members in Kitsolima village have heard of Twitter, but if they were able to huddle up and tweet a message to the world, what would they tweet?

Tweet 1
Kitsolima thanks U.S. and U.K. donors for water!

Two weeks ago, the villagers watched wide-eyed as a construction crew installed two 10,000 liter water tanks complete with 16 new jerry cans, four water drums, and eight water filters. The rain came shortly after the tanks were ready, and now hundreds of people are enjoying an abundance of water.

Tweet 2
Kitsolima thanks Doreen, Vincent, Joseph, and Joe for vegetable seeds!

This week, our local care team brought boxes of vegetable seeds into the village to help the wellness club member.

How did that happen?

Back in May when our team’s Land Cruiser and other equipment disappeared at the hands of a dishonest thief (as opposed to an honest thief!), our team members contacted us on Facebook Messenger with a request. “Please, Pastor Ron,” they said. “When Ourganda sends money next month, reduce our salaries by 5%. That isn’t a lot of money and it cannot pay for all that was taken, but we want to do our part to help Ourganda replace what was lost.”

Our U.S. board members were amazed; our hearts were warmed. What a spirit of responsibility, sacrifice, and generosity! When the next pay period came around, however, we transferred the full amount of their salaries.

They were insistent. “Why didn’t you take out the money we asked you to keep? We really want to do our part!”

“We deeply appreciate your hearts for this mission,” we responded, “but we want you to decide exactly how to make a difference. Why don’t the four of you get together and decide how to use your money to bless the people in the villages?”

The result: They pooled their money, bought boxes of vegetable seeds, and delivered them to the wellness club members in Kitsolima II. They showed them how to plant the seeds and care for the plants so that each family will eventually enjoy the taste and nutrition of fresh vegetables. How cool is that?!

We cannot imagine a more wonderful team. We never imagined when – back in January – we hired them to serve in the villages that they would teach us the meaning of sacrifice!

Will you help us tweet a message back to our super-fantabulous care team? 

Tweet 3 (from all of us in the U.S. and U.K. to Doreen, Vincent, Joseph, and Joe)
We are proud of you. You have inspired us. We thank you!

Ourganda is turning pain and suffering into smiles. And enjoying it immensely.

Thank you,

Ron Gladden

P.S. Please take a moment and make a donation, or send your check to Ourganda, PO Box 873520, Vancouver, WA 98687.
It is easy to give, and your gift goes so far.

Thank You!

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