Toyota Land Cruiser STOLEN

Toyota Land Cruiser STOLEN

The Toyota Land Cruiser our team uses to take medical care into the villages was stolen. We know where it is (if you want the full scoop, more details are below), but we need to replace it as soon as possible while we work to get it back. Will you consider a special gift right now to help us replace it? You can go to or send a check to PO Box 873520, Vancouver, WA 98687.

An equivalent vehicle will cost about $15,000. A generous donor has committed $5,000 but we need to come up with the rest. In the meantime, our care team continues to work in the villages the best they can by carrying medications and supplies on boda-bodas (motorcycles).



Of course we are disgusted, but in the long run, this could be a blessing. God is the expert at turning problems into blessings. Our board has prayed and planned to add a second vehicle and care team as soon as possible so we can serve six villages instead of three. We have engaged an attorney in Uganda who has filed a court case to recover the Land Cruiser. When he succeeds, we will have two vehicles ready to roll!

Here is more background information:

Exciting things are happening at Ourganda because of generous people like you. Ourganda is all about taking Matthew 25 seriously and helping those who can’t help themselves. We are extremely thankful for you. In only four months, the team has taught dozens of classes in the villages, enrolled hundreds of people in our wellness clubs, and treated almost 1,000 people. The stories of healthy life change pour in far faster than we can possibly share them. On Monday of next week, a 20,000 liter rainwater collection system is being installed in Kitsolima II, thus saving scores of women and girls from carrying polluted water from great distances.




And speaking of our care team, they are amazing. Doreen, Vincent, Joseph, and Joe are outstanding at what they do. They love each other, they love God, and we love them. They work hard, they are humble, and they truly reflect the kindness of Jesus to the people. God smiled on Ourganda big-time when He sent this wonderful team.

Ourganda started with a ridiculous dream of creating mini “Blue Zones” in the villages we serve. You probably recognize that term from the studies that have identified five areas in the world where people are more likely to live to be 100 years old. Is it insane and outrageous to hope that can happen – over time – among the people who join our wellness clubs? (Never mind that the current life expectancy is in the high 30s or low 40s.) We don’t know, but we have to try. A parallel and equally exciting dream is to eventually make medical care available to not just three villages or even six, but to every one of the 600 villages in the Bundibugyo District.

We are learning, we are focused, and we are delighted at what God is already starting to do.

Having said that, the disappearance of our vehicle is a bump in the road. That’s all it is, but we have to deal with it so our team can function at full speed. And as I already mentioned, we are hoping you can help with a gift of any size to make a difference in the lives of the indigent persons.

What happened to the Land Cruiser along with medications, computer, printer, exam table, camera, and a bunch of other supplies that we brought from the U.S.? The director of the ministry with which we partnered to start the work fraudulently claimed that the vehicle is his. Like something straight out of a classic Humphrey Bogart crime movie, the thief showed up with bribed police and – at gunpoint – drove it away, apparently satisfied that he had enriched himself while stalling the medical work in the villages. Our attorney in Uganda has filed a court case against Health and Gospel Mission Africa (HAGMA) – the fraudulent NGO – but this may take some time to have the case heard and determined in court.



Affiliating temporarily with HAGMA allowed us to start the medical work sooner. Ourganda was comfortable putting the title of the vehicle in the name of HAGMA because the director promised in writing – four times – that as soon as Ourganda decided to incorporate in Uganda, he would sign everything over to us. Instead, he claimed the vehicle and stole it away.

Our attorney declares that those written promises are binding. The Land Cruiser is being held in police protection while our lawsuit proceeds through the courts. If the courts judge fairly, Ourganda will get the Land Cruiser back along with everything else that was stolen – and the court will force HAGMA to reimburse Ourganda for attorney’s fees and court costs. We hope you will join us in praying for God’s intervention through this process. 

Ourganda is now legally incorporated in Uganda. Our future vehicle will be registered and insured under our own name. We are protected. We are ready to purchase another vehicle that can return our care team to the villages at full strength. Our attorney will also continue to be available to legally protect our interests.

Thank you so much for doing something special right now. By helping out at this time, you are returning our care team in Uganda to full strength and blessing the people Jesus spoke of in Matthew 25. Thank you in advance!


Thank you!

Your friend,

Ron Gladden


P.S. It is so simple to give, and your gift is tax deductible.
Give Life through our website, or send your check to Ourganda, PO Box 873520, Vancouver, WA 98687.
Thank You!
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