The Vision Is Happening

The Vision Is Happening


The Vision Is Happening



Sent 10.8.2018

When Disney World opened in 1971, someone remarked to Walt Disney’s wife, Lillian, “It’s a pity that Walt didn’t live long enough to see this for himself.” Lillian shot back, “Of course he saw it. If he hadn’t seen it, it wouldn’t be here!”




Every world-changing initiative starts with a vision. 

A year ago, before we ever hired a medical team or bought a van in Japan and had it shipped to Uganda, we had a simple 1-2-3 Vision:

  1. Hire a master care team.
  2. Send them out in a mobile medical clinic to forgotten villages in western Uganda.
  3. Save lives.




Our board recently huddled up and made a list of accomplishments so far. We are in awe. (We actually blew ourselves away.) We listed 14 significant accomplishments since the van rolled into the village for the first time in the middle of January. Here are the accomplishments:

  • Hire a professional medical staff and support team to operate our own mobile medical clinic.
  • Establish wellness clubs in each village with over 500 fully-engaged members.
  • Create happiness and wellness clubs for children in each of our villages.
  • Conduct an 8-day medical camp led by two physicians and 10 medical students from the U.S. and U.K. along with our local medical care team.
  • Witness the dramatic improvement of scores of people who are beginning to live more healthfully.
  • Arrange for life-saving surgeries for several villagers. 
  • Provide two rainwater collection systems in one of our villages and raise most of the funds to provide water in the next village.
  • Provide multiple water purification units for each village.
  • Distribute hundreds of hygiene kits to young women and dozens of birthing kits to pregnant moms.
  • Add a full-time midwife to our care team, enabling us to serve over 100 mothers-to-be on a weekly basis in the villages.
  • Distribute 100 solar-powered audio Bibles in the Runyoro-Rutoro dialect (in partnership with InTouch Ministries).
  • Provide shoes for 350 children and adults (in partnership with Sole Hope).
  • Implement a comprehensive, cloud-based data-collection system to track each patient’s treatments and health.
  • Begin a distribution program of daily vitamins for 1,700 children for one year and multi-vitamin supplements for 375 pregnant moms for one year (in partnership with Vitamin Angels).




What are our next-step goals?

  • Launch a second team to serve three more villages.
  • Purchase property for an office, storage, and mini-clinic.
  • Pilot agricultural projects in each village.




Our long-term goals:

  • Double life expectancy in the villages we serve.
  • Assure that people in all 600 villages in the Bundibugyo District have access to health education and treatment.
  • Bring about equality of treatment for women in the villages we serve.




We would love to hear back from you. What is most exciting to you? Is it two or three of the things Ourganda has already accomplished? Or are you excited about one of our next-step or long-term goals? Please reply to this email and let us know!

Every child who gets his first pair of shoes, every mom who receives her birthing kit, every person who drinks clean water for the first time or receives life-saving treatment from our profession care team — it all happens because of God’s blessing and your prayers and support.




God gave the vision. We are thrilled to be part of His plan.

If you already give, please accept our sincere thanks. If you have not given yet, consider a monthly gift of any amount. Your donation goes so far in Uganda. And you have the joy of knowing that you are saving and extending the lives of hundreds of children, moms, and dads who matter.




Thank you!

Ron Gladden




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