Ourganda End-of-Year Report

Ourganda End-of-Year Report


Ourganda End-of-Year Report




We are humbled, thankful, and excited. Our first full year is behind us, and here are some highlights.


We have a hundred stories, but here is one. Agnes and Zebrina were in trouble. Both of them had tumors that were growing and slowly snuffing out their lives. They were socially ostracized, in constant pain, and they had lost all hope.

Ourganda is all about savings and extending lives, so our team took Agnes and Zebrina on an eight-hour journey to Kampala where surgeons removed the tumors. Upon returning to their village, these wonderful ladies bounced back with huge smiles on their faces and hearts overflowing with gratitude. Today, they are earning a stipend as part-time employees on the Ourganda team.




Our Team

Normal superlatives are way too weak to describe our team. Two clinical officers (one female, one male), one midwife, one nurse, a senior driver, a junior driver, and a part-time accountant make up our care team. We are proud of them. They work hard, they are professional, they love each other and the people they serve and they are absolutely delighted to do what they do. Everything Ourganda does is built on them, so we do everything we can to affirm them, equip them, and build them up. They are truly the heroes of the Ourganda ministry.





More and more people are investing in the mission. Donations to Ourganda totaled $99,827.31 last year from sixty unique persons (or giving units). Ourganda is incorporated in the United States as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation (FEIN: 82-1917107) and is recognized in Uganda as an NGO by the Ugandan government. Our accountability system assures that every shilling goes exactly where it is intended to make the maximum possible impact.


(Electronic Medical Records for the Developing World)
We have equipped our care team with computers, iPads, and the latest medical software to keep accurate records on every person our care team sees. Doreen, Vincent, Judith, or Malikewa enters the data, then when they log on to the internet, the data magically uploads to the cloud where the information is accessible to everyone who needs it. Compared to record keeping at government hospitals, the Ourganda team is light years ahead – which translates into superior long-term medical care.

Wellness Clubs

When the Ourganda clinic rolls away from the village, the journey toward health and wellness continues. Our care team has established robust, growing wellness clubs in each of our villages with 700-800 fully-invested members. Our team offers medical education and provides clean water, birthing kits, hygiene kits, soap, shoes, medication, mosquito nets, and whatever else they need to extend and save their lives.




What Is Next?

The animals in the jungle should be happy: They get the cess pool all to themselves.

By the time you read this, construction will be underway to bring clean water to 10,000 people along the road to, and including, Sarakihombya village. For many years, women and children have been struggling up long, steep, muddy paths carrying dreadfully-polluted water in 45-lbs. jerry cans. It was their only option. Thanks to donors just like you, that has changed. And we are counting the days until we can bless the people of Kinyante IV in the same way.




We are praying for the chance to give every child a health kit so they can wash with soap for the first time ever, sleep under a mosquito net, eat nutritious food, and wear shoes to prevent jiggers from infecting their feet. We are determined to give every pregnant mom the vitamins she needs and a birthing kit. And every young woman will receive a hygiene kit.

Eventually, we will double life expectancy in the villages we serve. We will bring about equality of treatment for women. And we will assure that everyone in all 600 villages has access to health education and medical care.



Come join us on the 2019 journey!

Thank you!

Ron Gladden | Ourganda Director




P.S. People in our villages thank you for being so generous! Please take a moment and make a donation, or send your check to Ourganda, PO Box 873520, Vancouver, WA 98687.




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