Medical Trip to Uganda

Medical Trip to Uganda

Ourganda is engaging the culture and changing the world in western Uganda!

How? We are bringing clean water and the Living Water of Jesus to three villages. One village, Kitsolima II, has a new rainwater collection system that is just now filling up with fresh water for the very first time. (The rain came not long after the new system was ready to go.) On to the second village. How much more exciting can our mission be?

In 14 short days, two physicians, ten medical students from Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences in Yakima, Washington, a clinical psychologist (me), our beloved director, Ron, and a support person from London will be arriving in Uganda. We each have three suitcases packed to the gills with medicine, clothing, hygiene products, toothbrushes, shoes, and candy. What a joy it will be to distribute these items! My Bible study group made 150 hygiene kits and gave me $200 to spend. I am very curious to see which individuals God has in mind for the blessings. The students are also preparing to teach core classes on the topics of health and hygiene, nutrition and clean water, and sex education/HIV prevention.

We invite you to pray for our trip: that we are filled with compassion, wisdom, warmth, affection, and good health. Please also pray that God will use us clearly and radiantly to attract the villagers to Him. As I have read the New Testament book of Matthew the last two weeks, I am impressed that Jesus’ healing work in people’s lives prompted them to listen to His words; they eagerly learned how to conduct their lives and to find salvation through Him. Pray that God will work through our medical team to bring healing in Jesus’ name and that many will then listen to the words of life from God.

We can hardly wait to join our Ugandan team as they meet, hug, and interact with the children, the moms, and the dads. We will help our team distribute shoes, soap, toothbrushes, hygiene kits for the young women, and wellness club T-shirts.



The joy on the women’s faces around the new cistern and water faucet is priceless. I have no idea what it would be like to walk four hours every day on muddy, uneven paths carrying 40 pounds of water on my shoulders. And now to have clean water in the village. I cannot wait to experience their joy in person.


Your friend,

Joy Staley, Ph.D.


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