Martha is celebrating

Martha is celebrating

Our medical work in western Uganda is going so well.

Our board voted to hire another medical clinical officer – our 11th Ugandan employee!

Within the last week or so, our care team has arranged for eight children and women who need urgent medical intervention to receive assessment and surgery. (Check out our Facebook page to see the ‘Before’ and ‘After’ photos of Alex, the 4-year-old boy with an abdominal hernia.)
Ourganda’s bedrock will always be saving lives and dramatically improving the physical health of people in our villages. But we are beginning a new and exciting initiative to move people onto the pathway of human flourishing.
Launching Micro-Businesses; Creating Entrepreneurs
Meet Christine Kyebirungi. She is 20 years old and single. Her older sister, Joyce, died and left behind Peter, age 6, and Joy, age 4. Overnight, these two precious children were all alone with no mom and no dad, so Auntie Christine took them in. Like so many people in the forgotten villages of Bundibugyo District, Christine already struggled to survive. How could she possibly provide for these kids?
But Wait, There’s More!
Vincent to the Rescue!
Last year while the pandemic kept most people out of school, away from jobs, and off the roads, Ourganda’s ministry coordinator, Vincent, walked for hours to and from his home village to establish the Sarakihombya Association Co-op.

Vincent gathers the men and teaches them how to support, respect and honor women.

He teaches classes for young people on how to serve and bless their elders in need.

Vincent and his wife, Esther, teach women how to start micro-businesses so they can contribute to their family’s income.

And Vincent organized a financial co-op that makes micro-loans available to people like Christine who submit a viable business plan.
Ongoing Projects Cost Needed
Water Backpacks $5.50 each hundreds
Kits (Hygiene, Birthing) $8 each hundreds
Kids Kits $10 each hundreds
Water Filters $40 each hundreds
Urgent Medical Surgeries $1,000 average per person
Ron Gladden
Ourganda Director
Christine had no access to business classes in a
prestigious university, but as she sat on the grass
outside the little church where the classes were held,
she listened – and began to dream. Like so many
people in villages like hers, she has a solid work ethic,
a deep desire to be self-sufficient, and she is a quick
learner. She thinks and acts like an entrepreneur.
“I borrowed some money from the co-op to open
a small shop where people can buy food and soft
drinks,” Christine explains. “People are coming to
my shop and buying things. I am excited about the
success. But now I have to expand. I am praying I
can open another shop closer to the village and not
only sell food, but other things like soap, flashlights,
toothbrushes, and jerry cans.”
What Happens Next?
When her business reaches the next level, Christine
will have the money to buy clothes for Peter and
Joy and to send both of them to school. And then
she actually hopes to take in more kids who need
someone to love them.
Ourganda is going to help. In addition to the small
loan that the co-op gave her, we intend to provide
Christine with a small grant.
We are creating the future, the pathway to
flourishing. Our team is building it while brave people
like Christine are showing the way.
So now it’s your turn.
Please get involved. Choose
your level of impact, meet the
need, and become someone’s
Thank you sincerely.
Every penny helps!
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