Helping Pregnant Moms and Their Babies

Helping Pregnant Moms and Their Babies


Helping Pregnant Moms and Their Babies



Sent 09/04/2018

We are amazed at how many pregnant moms our team sees every week. We have met well over 100 (so far) in the three villages we have adopted.

Being pregnant is an automatic health challenge in Uganda, but especially in remote, distressed villages where the women have no resources or access to medical care. Death during childbirth is way too common. The infant mortality rate is numbing.

Ourganda is doing three things:

1. Life-saving Vitamins




Steve, one of our amazing board members, submitted a grant proposal to Vitamin Angels, an organization that provides vitamins for children and mothers-to-be. Their goal is to eliminate newborn mortality due to vitamin deficiency diseases by 2030.

Ourganda’s grant request was approved! 

Through their Ugandan office in the capital city of Kampala, Vitamin Angels will supply our master team with 67,500 doses of multivitamins — enough for 375 pregnant moms to have all the vitamin nutrients they need from the time they know they are pregnant to the day they give birth.

Vitamin Angels will also provide a one-year supply of Vitamin A for 1,000 children between the ages of 6-months and 11-months, and Vitamin A and Albendazole for almost 1,700 children between the ages of 12-months and 59-months. (Albendazole is used for the treatment of a variety of parasitic worm infestations.)

In addition to the immeasurable health benefits to the moms, this grant allows the Ourganda team to help 1,000 kids in the three villages we serve along with children in the Ntandi, Sarakihombya, and Kinyate primary schools.

Can you even imagine how excited and thankful we are for this generous grant!




2. Birthing Kits

This sounds unbelievable, but if a pregnant mother in Uganda somehow makes it to a hospital while she is in labor, the hospital turns her away unless she brings her own birthing kit. Of course, most of the women have no chance of getting to a hospital so they deliver their babies in the tiny, primitive, dirt-floor huts they call home. They have no access to clean water, soap, or any of the supplies they need — until Ourganda provides them.

Every pregnant mom we find receives a birthing kit; we are already putting kits into the hands of dozens of pregnant mothers. We have set a goal: Not only must every expecting mom in the villages we serve get a birthing kit, but we aim to distribute 600 kits all across the Bundibugyo District in 2019.




What is included in a birthing kit? Soap, plastic sheet, surgical gloves, gauze pads, Tetracycline ointment, cord ties, sterile blade, and illustrated instructions. We also provide a blanket for the baby and a towel for the mother.

Our medical team teaches the women in the villages how to use the kits and how to serve as a competent, on-demand midwife when a mom goes into labor.


3. Midwife

Speaking of a midwife, we just hired a full-time, licensed midwife to join our master care team. Her name is Happy Judith (how appropriate is that name?!). Starting September 1, she has joined the rest of our team with a special focus on education and treatment of expecting moms.

Judith spent the last two weeks of August volunteering with our care team. She and the team happened to be serving in Kinyante IV when a young mother named Getrida gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. We didn’t find out how long (or tall) the baby was, but she weighed 3.6 kg (almost 8 pounds). The baby’s parents decided to name the baby Judith after the angel (midwife) who helped deliver the baby.




We cannot express how delighted we are that Judith is on the Ourganda team! We know that God will use her to save many lives.

So many great things are happening!

I bet you’d like to help. If you already give, please accept our sincere thanks. If you have not given yet, we invite you to consider a monthly gift of any amount. Your donation goes so far in Uganda. And you have the joy of knowing that you saved or extended the life of someone who matters.




Thank you for your help!

Ron Gladden




P.S. It is really easy to give, and your gift goes so far!
Please take a moment and make a donation, or send your check to Ourganda, PO Box 873520, Vancouver, WA 98687.
Thank You!




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