Child-headed Households

Child-headed Households

Child-headed Households

Sent 12/6/2018

How would your neighborhood be different if 4 out of 5 households were led by a child? 

What if 68% of those kids had never finished elementary school?

Imagine that one out of every eight children gets married before they turn 15 (and it isn’t an option for a girl to say No). Arranged marriages are still common and polygamy is legal.

Welcome to Uganda! 

In the villages Ourganda serves, 79.9% of households are headed by a child. Every job is a survival job which means that children and young women carry water, produce crops, gather wood, cook over open fires, and care for a bunch of small children – all in an effort to survive.

Here is our little buddy, Charles. He is 18-months-old and lives in Sarakihombya. Until Ourganda adopted his village, he didn’t have shoes. He slept on a dirt floor without a mosquito net. He had never washed his clothes or his body with soap. Charles and the other kids in his village constantly fight scabies, malaria, jiggers, and malnutrition.

Now meet Kylie and Clara. Two 11-year-old girls who decided to start the Kids’ Sharing Project to help the kids in Uganda. They donated their own birthday money, sold lemonade, and sponsored a booth at a Harvest Fair – all for the sake of the kids in Uganda.

The Kids’ Sharing Project is changing the future for Charles and his friends.

Here is how you can help:

For only $10, you can sponsor a Kids Kit (soap, mosquito net, underwear, shoes, toothbrush, toothpaste, water bottle, flour, fish, food container).

Kylie and Clara have already raised over $1,000 and have provided kits for 100 kids. But over 6,000 people live in our three villages, almost half of whom are children. Ideally, we would bring a smile to the face of all 3,000 kids. 

Will you help Kylie and Clara provide a kids’ kit for 10 children or maybe even 100? Whatever number works for you is a life-changing blessing for Charles’ friends. Thank you for being especially generous this Christmas season!

Thank you!

Ron Gladden



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