Agnes of Kitsolima II

Agnes of Kitsolima II

Agnes of Kitsolima II

Sent 11/2018

When our care team found Agnes in the village of Kitsolima II, they immediately wondered, “How can we help her?”

This is Agnes. This beautiful young mother is 26-years-old with a 22-month-old boy named Prosper. For the last five years, she has suffered with a growing goiter that makes it increasingly difficult to breathe and eat. Her family has nothing, yet she desperately needed medical intervention to save her life.

Here is Agnes’ story in mini-chapters:

Chapter One

Oct. 1: Our Ugandan care team talked with our U.S. Board. Together, we decided that our team leader, Doreen, would take Agnes to Mulago Hospital, a government hospital in Kampala, about 7 hours from her village. We all began to pray. Agnes, Doreen, and another mom who needed medical care made the long trip from her village to Bundibugyo, up the mountain to Fort Portal, and down the long road to Kampala.

Chapter Two

Oct. 4: After being told that the surgery would cost $200-300, her caregivers referred her to Nsambya Hospital, a private Catholic hospital, for x-rays and scans. Everyone felt good about that, but we were aware that her treatment at Nsambya would be much more expensive. Our main concern, of course, was that Agnes would receive the best possible surgery and care.

Chapter Three

Oct. 6: The surgery was scheduled for the following day. Unavoidably (and somewhat predictably), her surgery was delayed until Oct. 10. She continued to struggle with the pain, the discomfort, and her fear of the unknown. Could her five-year nightmare be coming to an end? Was her social humiliation almost over? Would she be able to breathe and eat normally without pain?

Chapter Four

Oct. 10: Agnes was rolled into the theatre (we call it the operating room) at 8:40 am. The operation took longer than expected. Eleven long hours later, Doreen was notified that Agnes was out of surgery and given the wonderful news: The procedure was a success! Her little boy, Prosper, had never seen his mommy without the goiter, but he did tonight. She started down the road to recovery.

Chapter Five

Oct. 13: A couple of days in the recovery room worked wonders. Agnes was still a bit sore, quite tired, and wore a bandage on her throat. But her goiter was gone. Doreen snapped a photo with her phone and sent it ten time zones away. We looked at Agnes and replied to Doreen, “Give her a hug from us! Tell her that a lot of friends in the U.S. love her and have been praying for her.”

Within seconds, we received a second photo of a very thankful, extremely happy young woman smiling and waving. “Thanks to all in the U.S. for the love you have shown me,” Agnes responded. “I am full of much happiness and I ask God to bless you for your kind and loving heart. I have endless thanks!”

Chapter Six

Oct. 16: A new season has begun. Accompanied by her friend and supporter Doreen, Agnes made the long bus ride back to her village in western Uganda. Her years of suffering from a goiter are over. She is back home with her family and friends. Our care team stays in touch with her often and reports that her recovery is going well.

The story of Agnes illustrates why Ourganda was started. Our mission is to save and extend lives. This young mother has a new lease on life because of people like you. Your prayers and financial support made it possible.

Agnes thanks you from the bottom of her heart.

If you already give, we are sincerely thankful. If you have not given yet, we invite you to consider a monthly gift of any amount. Your donation goes so far. And you have the joy of knowing that you saved or extended the life of someone precious.

Thank you!

Ron Gladden

P.S. It is really easy to give, and your gift goes so far!
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