We Are Ourganda

Ourganda Wheel


We are serious about creating human flourishing zones. That compels us to make sure the people in our villages have what they need for physical health. But we care just as much about their spiritual journey, their relationships, financial empowerment, and we want them to someday dream and create a better future for themselves and their families.

Physical Needs


Ourganda adopts villages where many have never worn shoes or used soap. A scratch or a fever can be fatal. Life expectancy is estimated to be in the high 30s. The weekly visits to our villages by Ourganda medical professionals are changing that – dramatically. The ‘Before’ and ‘After” photos are electrifying; the stories are heartwarming.

Spiritual Journey


Everyone is on a spiritual journey. Part of human flourishing is to discover the inner peace and confidence that comes when a person becomes friends with a loving God, unselfishly cares for others, and rests in the assurance of an eternal future in a perfect place. Ourganda aspires to serve as a guide for those who are seeking to know God and live according to His ways. We are proudly non-denominational and we gladly serve everyone without regard to faith, tribe, or gender.

Love & Belonging


The world is a happier place for those who are connected with people who love and respect them. Healthy relationships are especially challenging in a country where polygamy is legal and marriage is more of a work arrangement than a partnership. When the vast majority of people are simply trying to survive, they seldom prioritize happy marriage or genuine soul-connection with someone who loves them.



The majority of people in Ourganda’s villages live on the brink of imminent financial disaster. A bad storm or an act of violence can sweep away their home and everything they own. People fight with everything they have to survive but they often lose the battle. Throughout the developing world, men, women, and couples lift themselves out of extreme poverty by starting micro-businesses.



Business is the most effective way to fight poverty. Based on the demographics and geography of the Bundibugyo District, Ourganda helps individuals, couples, and teams of people start micro-businesses. Once we refine our systems and experience a high level of success, we will build on our micro-business success and create small and medium-sized businesses that provide employment opportunities for hundreds of others.

Others Actualization


People who are truly happy live for others. Whether someone jumps on the Ourganda wheel because of physical needs, spiritual desires, or a passion to start a business, we hope they will realize that their greatest purpose – their deepest fulfillment – comes when they live to unselfishly help others. This principle is the hub, the core of Ourganda’s quest to transform at least 12 misery zones into human flourishing zones by the end of this decade.