Story – Zebrina

When we first met Zebrina, she was one face in a crowd of hundreds of people who had come for health training and medical care. But her face was different. It was etched with desperation and pain, and it carried a humiliating growth that was getting worse and would shortly end her life.



“Yes, we can help you,” our team assured her. They accompanied Zebrina on an eight-hour journey to Kampala. Together, they met with care givers, paid for all her expenses, and prayed with her when when the nurses wheeled her into the theatre (operating room).


God guided the hands of the surgeon as he removed the tumor. Zebrina bounced back quickly and soon returned to her village with a huge smile of relief and a heart overflowing with appreciation.



“Now I am beautiful!” she said.


She was right. No one has seen a more beautiful person. Ourganda hired her part time to assist when our team worked in her village. And it wasn’t long until Zebrina met a man who instantly agreed that she is beautiful and her asked her to become his wife. Today, she is healthy, she is happy, and she is forever thankful for the wonderful team that God used to save her life.