Story – Alex

When our mobile clinics roll into a village, they never know what to expect. Imagine finding this mom and desperate little boy.



Alex was just a baby when a weakness in his abdominal muscles allowed a hernia to form. As Alex grew up, the growth grew out. He suffered terribly, he could not walk or play, and he lived under the crushing curse of social humiliation.


His mom and dad felt helpless. They had zero chance of paying all the costs of surgery, hospital, and transport but they wondered, Might Ourganda be able to help our little boy? In February 2021, his mother brought him to our medical team in Bubandi Village.  Oscar and Frank arranged for Alex to have surgery.



Look at him now! A few days after his surgery, Alex stood next to his hospital bed and announced with an eager grin on his face, “I am now free to go!” The Ourganda team was delighted to supplement the family food budget for an extra month, and they gifted a brand-new soccer ball to Alex which he now kicks around his village with delight.