Imagine you get up in the morning and have to grab a jerry can or two and hike a mile or two on steep hills just to get water for you and your family. Now you have one or two cans full of water (up to 42lb. each) and have to carry them back home. Oh, I forgot to say that you are probably a woman or a child if you are fetching water. Oh, I also failed to mention that this water is not considered drinkable by any standard but it’s all that’s available. It’s been shared with animals and humans bathing and washing clothes. Also you need at least 12 gallons minimum per family just to barely survive.


Even with all their efforts, many of the villagers are dehydrated and have water borne bacterial diarrhea. Often this epidemic reaches over 20-25% of the people. Because of the diarrhea, many are also extremely malnourished, especially affecting children.


You can be part of the solution. You can help the villagers, especially the women and children who suffer the most. Become an ambassador for them and help us fund the drilling of a bore hole well. Any amount helps. Visit our website at www.ourganda.wpengine.com or follow us on Facebook by searching for Ourganda and look for the U with the face.

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