Mom’s First Pair of Shoes!

Mom’s First Pair of Shoes!

If your mom is still in your life, you’re going to do something special for Mother’s Day, right? Whether or not she is, how about giving a mom in Uganda her very first pair of shoes?

We could easily be overwhelmed with all of the needs in the villages we serve. The people struggle to find nutritious food, clean water, and a safe place to sleep at night. Our strategy is for our team to help as many people as we can with their medical needs while they establish wellness clubs and provide clean water.

The wellness clubs are growing. Almost 100 people in each village have signed up. Their commitment is to attend the health lectures and do their best to live what they have learned. (Every week our team sends a report that includes stories of another person whose health has improved because of what they are learning!)

Ourganda’s commitment is to provide each wellness club member with clean water, soap, toothbrush and paste, mosquito net, hygiene kit (for young women), and shoes.

Speaking of shoes, we can’t even express how excited we were to recently receive 325 pairs of shoes. One of Ourganda’s proud partners is Sole Hope, a ministry that converts discarded blue jeans and tires into quality shoes. We learned about Sole Hope through one of our donors who has helped them acquire over 500 pairs of shoes. Sole Hope turned around and donated the shoes to us, so we donated money to their ministry so that more and more people can escape the tragedy of jiggers.

How bad are jiggers? 

Jiggers keep kids from going to school and from running and playing. They prevent people from walking and working. This small parasite causes untold pain and negatively impacts every aspect of a person’s life. People with jiggers often become outcasts.

Our team leader, Doreen, traveled across Uganda to the Sole Hope factory and witnessed for herself how the shoes are made. She even had the chance to operate the machine that makes the shoes. Then she took 325 pairs of shoes, loaded them onto the taxi van that carried her hundreds of miles back to western Uganda, and now our team is giving them to moms, dads, and kids who are now delighted and thankful to be wearing shoes for the very first time.

Your mom would be proud. 

Whether or not she’s still around so you can buy her roses or take her to Olive Garden for Mother’s Day, how about making a special donation to Ourganda in her honor so that we can keep our pledge to the people who join the wellness clubs? We are already turning pain and suffering into smiles. We are already providing life-saving medical care wrapped in kindness.

But we’re just getting started. Will you do something extra special to help the moms in Uganda? Your gift goes so far over there.

Your gift saves lives.

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